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Dear Customer…

Here at Aycorn Garden Design, beautiful outdoor spaces are our passion. We know that you love them, too. Nothing lifts the spirits more than stepping outside, breathing in fresh air and knowing that you really DO have the garden of your dreams. It speaks to you of the endless sunny days of your childhood, perhaps. Or, maybe you’ve never had a garden. This is your first one. And now, goodness me, here it is – in front of you to enjoy for ever.
It will be our pleasure to bring your vision to life, full of vibrancy, colour and texture.
With careful, in depth planning, Aycorn Garden Designs aims to meet the highest industry standards of garden design and installation.
We have the skills and resources to handle projects of any style, size and type throughout Greater London, Essex, Surrey and Kent. At Aycorn, we just love gardens, keeping up to speed with all the latest trends and international standards, as well as THE latest in cutting-edge technology.
Working with us is easy. Following your initial consultation, prepare to be simply amazed. We’ll bring your future garden into crystal clear focus through our 3-D software, presenting a realistic “walk through” that will help you to visualise how it will look and feel. Also, we’ll create lighting plans, construction drawings and planting plans. Everything you need.
We’ll repay your trust in us with wonderful, pro-active customer service, offering after care should you need it.
Do get in touch.

With much gardening love,

The Aycorn Team